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PLEASE, THERE ARE TWO DIFFERENT ARTICLES BUT  THESE ARE THE QUESTIONS. MUST BE ANSWERED SEPARATELY. ARTICLE  “A” ON DIFFERENT SHEET AND ARTICLE “B” ON DIFFERENT SHEET.QUESTIONS BELOW.IS ALSO ATTACHEDWhat do you think the public health significance of the research question in this study was? Is it mostly of local significance or is there a global impact? Explain. Does the study fill an important gap, in your opinion? Why or why not? Critique the methodology. Why do you think the authors chose this methodology and what would you have done differently? Explain. Interpret the results in your own words and then discuss with your colleagues whether you agree or disagree with the author’s interpretations and why.IS there social change impact of the findings. Do you think that the outcomes of the study are modifiable and/or actionable? Why or why not? What would you propose as a reasonable action from the findings, and why? How might the precautionary principle apply to this study?What other recent studies can you find that either contradict or support these findings? Do the other studies impact your assessment of the significance and interpretation of this study?Article ASahlberg, B et al. (2010). Sick building syndrome in relation to domestic exposure in Sweden – a cohort study from 1991- to 2001. Scandinavian Journal of Public Health. 38(3):232-8.ARTICLE BNachman, KE, and parker, JD. (2012). Exposures to fine particulate air pollution and respiratory outcomes in adults using two national datasets: A cross-sectional study.  Environmental Health. 10;11:25.PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU ANSWER THE ARTICLES SEPARATELY; THE QUESTIONS ARE THE SAME BUT DIFFERENT ARTICLES. ARTICLE A AND B . THEY ARE ATTACHED AND PAST IN THE BODY. PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTION


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