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The relationship between income and health is not always clearly defined. For example, is it income alone that explains differences in health between those with higher income and those with lower incomes? Or is it the differences between income levels juxtaposed with other factors, such as education? Invariably, socioeconomic status, social class, and social position influence health outcomes across racial and ethnic groups, gender, and age. The impact of income on disparities in morbidity and mortality can be observed as you move along the income hierarchy. For this paper, view the media piece, Unnatural Causes: Episode 1 below. Think about how the information presented in the media relates to health disparities and well-being. Herbes-Sommers, C. (Producer), & Smith, L. M. (Director). (2008). Health in America [Video excerpt]. In L. Adelman (Executive producer), Unnatural causes: Episode 1—In sickness and in wealth. Arlington, VA: Public Broadcasting Service. Retrieved from Submit 3-4 page paper of an explanation of how the lives of Jim Taylor, Tondra Young, Corey Anderson, and Mary Turner exemplify concepts like the wealth-health gradient and the importance of power and control. Explain what differences emerge when comparing data maps of disease rates in the Louisville council districts and how this relates to health disparities. Then, explain TWO findings from the Whitehall study that you found most profound for explaining the connection between health and wealth. Be specific and provide examples.


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