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The social problem is on EDUCATION. Please use Sophomore level English in College since it is a beginner level course, Thank you. Please write at least two pages, thank you. Below are the instructions. TEXTBOOK: For the social problem on Education: Use 5 credible academic sources. One source should be your textbook. You will integrate the textbook information and your other 4 sources to feature a minimum of 10 current facts on that social problem. C. Describe what is currently being done to address the problem. Discuss what else you think needs to be done. Discuss what effect your “fix” might have on other social problems. The results may be presented as a PowerPoint presentation or as a written report. Cite your sources! Statistics and other facts should be properly cited in MLA, ASA, or APA format. Your presentation should end with a complete bibliography of sources used, also properly formatted. Things to Focus on The credibility of sources used Relevance and currency of the facts/information you present Organization and clarity of your presentation Use of proper format and citation and reference style (ASA, MLA, or APA)


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