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This assignment is an analysis assignment, in which you have to analyze the movie ‘Glory’ by Denzel Washington. If you do not want to watch the movie, there is a full summary on Wikipedia, which can be found here: Mechanics & Style: 1) Typewritten, 1” margins, 12 size font, double-spaced, 12 pages. 2) Include a cover sheet with pertinent information on it. 3) A detailed formal outline with headings for each topic, no introduction or conclusion. 4) Clearly written, well organized, proper spelling, grammar, and sentence structure. Content: 1) Choose the primary leader(s) in the movie. 2) Apply these topics to the leadership examples in the movie, using appropriate terminology: I. Managers or leaders? II. Leadership traits III. Ethics and values IV. Leadership behaviors V. Power & influence VI. Contingency theories VII. Followership VIII. Teams IX. Charisma & transformational behaviors X. Organizational culture 3) Key features of an analysis: An analysis goes well beyond simply reporting or listing the components or sections of something, i.e. movie. An analysis is informed by relevant theoretical material or concepts, identified as pertinent to the particular sub-topics of the analysis (for example, from course materials and other related readings). An analysis is divided into topics that make sense in terms of both the assignment and in terms of the object of study. The topics are listed for you above 4) No definition of terms. 5) How effectively leadership terminology is applied to the movie situations and examples. 6) Each concept (topic) has been comprehensively applied, and the application is reasonable and insightful.


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