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To observe a concept empirically, the researcher must first define the concept (i.e., conceptualize the topic). In this assignment, you are asked to work with the concept of the link between homosexuality and child molestation by the following steps: Develop a brief definition of pedophilia. Based on this conceptualization, what circumstances constitute pedophilia? Describe a method of measurement that would be valid for a study of pedophilia (as you define it). Now go to the Web site at Discuss some facts about pedophilia that you were previously unaware of or some myths you believed. Rewrite your definition of pedophilia based on your new knowledge. What additional circumstances constitute pedophilia based on your new conceptualization? Your well-written, the concise paper should meet the following requirements: 3 pages in length. Also, include a reference page and in-text citation. cite a minimum of two scholarly journal sources


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