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Running head: TERM PAPER SUMMARY 1a.) Consider the world where the ocean waters weren’t entirely altered by the effects of oil spills.Oil spills have had a dramatic impact in the Gulf of Mexico such as the BP oil disaster, the Gulfof Mexico oil spill, and the Macondo blowout. These oil spills have affected marine life such assea turtles, which had an estimate of “320,000”(2016) present at the time of just the BP oil spill,with “450”(2010) confirmed deaths. Almost five million liters have been exposed to the oceanand continue to skyrocket year by year with the help of human interaction, killing marine life.b.) The Gulf of Mexico oil spills have permanently caused a decline of marine species, andcontinue to cause harm to some particular marine life. Sea turtles are one of the examples ofspecies at a decline, which has confirmed fault to the oil spill. Sea turtles have been found toconsume large involuntary amounts of oil from the oil spills. The oil harms the ocean'secosystem and future of this species, which can’t recover unless massive changes happen.Ongoing investigations and research have helped us gain more knowledge on the situation, butnot enough has happened. “Endangered sea turtles, bottlenose dolphins, coral reefs, shorebirdsand all kinds of fish suffered increased mortality, developmental defects or reproductive declinesas a result of exposure to the oil. And our understanding of these consequences may continue togrow, as there are still scientists conducting ongoing research on the changes along the Gulfshore.” Not only is the oil killing marine life, but it is also harming their growth and stages oflife.


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