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the form of an essay will be 500–700 words and will follow current APA guidelines in format (as much as is possible in a discussion board setting) and in citations. No title page, running head, or abstract page is needed, and references can be listed right below each post.Question: One example of an unethical activity is bribery. Explain what it is, how common the practice is, and where it is found. Justify your reasoning with a minimum of 2 scholarly references. (ch. 4)Superior work in all areas. Expectations are consistently exceeded in all areas regardingcontent, analysis, synthesis, evaluation of topics, participation, timeliness, and writing style.Content:Required Sources:Threads include citations from 2 scholarly sources and 1 of either the audio PointeCast presentation or video presentation assigned to the unit being discussed. Replies include citations from 1 scholarly source, 1 relevant business article, and 1 of either the audio PointeCast presentation or video presentation assigned to the unit being discussed. Length: Threads are 500–700 words; replies are 200–300 words each. Grammar/Current APA: Contains minimal to nonexistent grammatical and APA errors.B 59–66Good work in most areas. Minor deficiencies are demonstrated in some areas regarding content, analysis, writing style, and/or participation. Content: For the most part, focuses on specific information based on the answer to the selected question and is answered in a clear way. Personal and practical application is included in the answer. Provides the required number and type of references asked for within the question. Includes clear communication of ideas, with minimum vagueness and rambling. Advances the discussion in a way that contributes to the learning of the participants (provides new ideas and insights, asks probing questions that get to the heart of


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