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Viable Research Topic Assessment And Information Source Evaluation Use the tables on page 2 to complete instructions 1-5. Instructions: Develop a list of three (3) research topics that may be viable for your Research Proposal (Topics A, B, and C). Use the form on page 2 to evaluate each topic. Questions 1-4 will help you to determine your interest in the topic and its potential value to you. Questions 5-10 will help you to evaluate each topic’s viability based on the availability, quantity, and credibility of literature specific to each topic. Before answering these questions, you must perform a preliminary literature search for each of your three topics. Consider topics that score >90 as viable choices for your research topic. Select your topic for the Research Proposal. Decide your approach to the Research Proposal Argumentative research paper Case study Applied Project Write a research paper proposal topic with a Problem (Thesis) Statement develop a draft and a reference list for that topic Literature Search and Reference List Outline of Research Proposal draft Research Proposal APA Documentation and Style List of topics for evaluation (your choice). A. B. C. Evaluate each topic. •    On a scale of 1-10, enter a point value for each topic (A, B, and C) that meets the listed criteria. •    Total the points for each topic. •    Consider those topics with more than 90 points for your Research Proposal.


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