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Week 12 Pair Exercise – Soda Machine You work for a game development company, and your company has asked you to build a prototype soda machine for use in multiple games on multiple platforms. To start, you have been asked to develop a simple class to represent the logic of your soda machine. To keep the soda machine relatively simple, your soda machine carries only one kind of soda. You designed a SodaMachine class that will describe your soda machine: Data attributes (these should be private instance variables of your class): stockLevel:int (number of beverages available in the soda machine) maxStock:int (max number of beverages the machine can hold) bevPrice:double (price of the beverage) bevLabel:String (name of the beverage stocked in the machine) changeAvailable:double (the amount of change available for making change) creditInserted:double (the amount of money inserted for purchasing beverages) Methods (these should be public): o A constructor that takes the following parameters: price:double § name:String Getter and setter methods for all instance variables (data attributes above) o Other methods: int addStock(int numberToAdd) void addCredit(double amountInserted) void addChange(double changeAdded) double returnChange()


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