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DescriptionFellowships (and the funding that comes with them) are an excellent way for undergraduate students to explore their own personal research agenda.These fellowships are offered during summertime or for extended undergraduate study.Students will be asked to complete a fellowship application for their own personal research agenda. Final work will be uploaded to Blackboard, and class time will be allocated for ongoing revisions to the final work product. Completed projects are due the last week of class.Format Requirements: Your document should be formatted single spaced, Times NewRoman-12 point font. Your document should contain each of the following headings.Introduction: (Between 500-750 words)• Give a brief intellectual autobiography describing your research interests.• Describe your post-graduation career and/or professional goals.• Describe your proposed research project.• Describe how this project will advance your post-graduation career or professional goals.Research Question(s): List your research question or questions.Theoretical Framework – Chapter 2 and 12 (1-2 pages): Within this section you want to articulate what theory or theories provide a conceptual frame to your project (600-750words). You need to articulate the concepts that relate to your research question(s),include studies that have been done and how these interplay with your research question(s).Research Design and Method:Sampling Frame (Chapter 5):• Describe your research population (1 paragraph)• Describe your sampling methodology – recruitment, criteria (1-2 paragraphs) 6• Describe how your sampling methodology will be generalizable to your population (1 paragraph)Research Design:• Identify whether your research design – discuss why it is qualitative or quantitative in nature (1 paragraph)• Describe the method (survey, experimental, etc.) you will use to gain information from participants (1-2 paragraphs)• Describe the variables (data) that you plan to collect – discuss your dependent and independent variables if applicable (1-2 paragraphs)• Describe how you will analyze your data (1 paragraph)• Describe how you addressed issues of validity and reliability in your study (2paragraphs)Ethics – Human Subjects (200-300 words): Describe the potential risks of your project and how you will protect your research subjects


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