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The Second World War started in 1939 and ended in 1945 although the conflicts that led to the emergence of the war had started earlier. The fight is believed to have been caused by ample range of reason, like an invasion of China and Italian fascism.

Paragraph 1

It brings us into focus about how the war began and how the countries grouped themselves into both allies and axis powers.

  • Britain Prime Minister declared war against Germany
  • Hitler signing the Nonaggression Pact

Paragraph 2

Shows various causes of Second World War which give us a trend to understand how and why the war started.

  • Invasion of China
  • Countries subdividing themselves into either axis or allies

Paragraph 3

It marks the beginning of how the war began in Poland in 1939. Poland being attacked by two forces could not withstand the impact.

  • How Germany and the Soviet power divided the control of Poland according to the pact
  • Finland being defeated and sinking of Germany’s vessels
  • Stalin forces tried to move in Estonia and other Baltic states

Paragraph 4

Germany attacked Norway and occupied Denmark where they started the war.

  • Germans forces stuck French troops at Sedan
  • France divided into two, for both German military and Petain the other one.
  • Invasion of Britain by Germany

Paragraph 5

In 1941, countries like Bulgaria, Hungary, and Romania joined the Axis power and Adolf Hitler orders the invasion of Soviet Union.

  • The advantage of surprise invasion of Soviet by  Germany
  • Japanese surprise attack at the naval base in the US
  • Congress declared war against Japan

Paragraph 6

Germans and Italians in North America had been defeated by British and American. These include an attack on Sicily which led to falling of Mussolini’s government.

  • Massive invasion of Europe by Allies
  • Aerial bombardment in Germany and surrendering
  • Adolf Hitler commits suicide


The war was won by Allie’s power on 8th May after the Axis power surrendered unconditionally. The war ended with the massive destruction that led to the loss of million lives and properties.

Sample Essay on World War Two

Second World War existed between 1939 and 1945 although the conflicts that caused the war had begun earlier. In the beginning, there was the formation of two opposing military alliances by the great powers which included the Allies and the Axis powers (Weinberg, 1995). It started when the Britain Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain, announced war against Germany. Afterward, Hitler and Stalin signed the German-Soviet Nonaggression Pact in August 1939 people came to realize that he had plans to invade Poland. Poland was a great nation to France and Britain and offered full military support if Germany tried to attack.

To have a clear perception of how the war started, you have to be aware of who started the war and causes that brought the war to exist. Among the reasons of War II was Italian Fascism in 1921 and the invasion of China (Weinberg, 1995). The other contributing factor was the politic takeover by Hitler of Germany in early 1933, leading by his party Nazis and its foreign policy. As we had said earlier that the war front had been divided into two powers; the Axis power countries included; Italy, and Japan. On the other hand Ally’s powers there included Britain, France, Australia, Canada, India, The Soviet Union and New Zealand.

On 17th September 1939, some of the Soviet Union invaded Poland starting from the east.  As both sides were attacking, Poland could not withstand the force, and thus it fell quickly.  By 1940 Germany and the Soviet Union had already divided the control of the nation. The division of the power was to be done in accordance to the way they had indicated in the Pact (Weinberg, 1995). Stalin’s forces tried and moved to the Baltic States which included Estonia, Lithuania, and Latvia. They also defeated Finland who was slightly resistant in the Russo-Finish War (Weinberg, 1995). Germany and other Allies in the west faced a stiff battle at the sea whereby the lethal German submarine stuck thereby causing more than 100 vessels to sink.

On early April 1940, Germany invaded and attacked Norway and occupied Denmark where the war started in earnest (Gilbert, 1989). Later after some days Hitler forces crossed River Meuse and ensured they had stuck the French Troop at Sedan. On June 14th German forces again entered Paris where a newly formed government by Marshal Petain who was believed to be France Hero for World War II requested of armistice nights later. This request was approved, and France was therefore divided into two. One portion was for German military Occupation, and the other was for Marshal Government and was installed at Vichy (Gilbert, 1989). Now Hitler diverted his concentration to Britain which was a challenge as it had a defensive advantage as English Channels had separated it from the continent.  To be able to invade Britain totally, Germany had to weaken it by first bombing it and also night raids on London city and other crucial industrial centers (Gilbert, 1989). They used aircraft to bomb these cities, and it caused severe damages. However German Air Forces were defeated by Royal Air Forces over Britain. Hitler had to postpone the invasion as Britain started receiving aids from the US under the Act that had been passed earlier by the Congress.

Early in 1941, some other countries like Hungary, Romania, and Bulgaria had joined the Axis power. Hitler ordered the invasion of Soviet Union on June 22. The surprise invasion was an advantage to Germany as the tanks and aircraft for Soviet had greatly outnumbered those for Germany though technologically were poor.  The technology that Germans were using enabled them to invade within 220 miles of Moscow (Taylor,1996).   As Germany and Britain were facing each other at Europe, United States was, therefore, the nation that could reduce the Japanese aggression. On 7th December the same year, 360 aircraft from Japan attacked the main Naval Base in the US which caught them by surprise and killed more than 2300 troops. This led the Congress declaring war on Japan while other Allies together with Germany declared war on the US.

In North Africa, Germans and Italians had already been defeated by British and American Forces by 1943. Attack of Sicily and Italy continued whereby it leads to the fall of Mussolini’s Government. On the war’s Eastern Front in 1942 had launched the counteroffensive which ended up the Stalingrad Battle. Now towards the allied victory in the World War II, the Allies continued with the invasion (Taylor,1996).   In June 1944 they started the massive invasion of Europe whereby over 150000 soldiers from Britain, Canada and America landed in the beaches of Normandy in France. To respond on the attack, Hitler released the remaining soldiers to Western Europe thus ensured German defeat in the eastern part. Hitler later gathered his forces to kick off Americans and British back from Germany (Taylor, 1996).  In February 1945 aerial bombardment proceeded in Germany thus forcing Germany to surrender on 8th May as Soviet forces had occupied most parts of the country. By then Hitler had already died by committing suicide in April the same year.

The war ended up with unconditional surrender by Axis powers on 8th May 1945 after the Allies accepted Germany’s surrender a short period after Hitler Adolf had committed suicide. This, therefore, concluded with the formation of VE Day which implies Victory in Europe which ended up the World War II on May 8th, 1945. The World War II was therefore seen and proven to be most damaging conflict in the global history which made over 60 million people lose their lives.  Also, there were over 6 million Jews who died while more still lost their property and ended up being homeless.


Gilbert, M., & Mayes, B. (1989). The Second World War: A Complete History (p. 295). H. Holt.

Taylor, A. J. P. (1996). Origin Of The Second World War. Simon and Schuster.

Weinberg, G. L. (1995). A world at arms: A global history of World War II. Cambridge University Press.


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