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You are responsible for both short essays below as well as the longer essay. Your essays will be judged on the basis of how well you present Arendt’s claims and arguments as well as their coherence and thoughtfulness. SHORT ESSAY 1: In the third book of the Origins of Totalitarianism, “Ideology and Terror,” Hannah Arendt offers her readers a genealogy of loss that led to the death camps. She argues that first there was a loss of the juridical person, followed by the loss of the moral person, which was followed by the loss of individuality and spontaneity.” Explain Arendt’s arguments for this genealogy. How did the loss of the juridical occur? Why did this loss lead to the loss of the moral person? Still further, why did the loss of the moral person lead to the loss of the individual and spontaneity? Finally, why is totalitarianism interested in eradicating spontaneity? (600-900 words)


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