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You need to do an important woman project. From one of the racial or ethnic groups covered in this course (Native Americans, African Americans, Asian Americans, Latinos, Arab Americans, Muslim Americans, and European Americans (only)), select one important woman in historical or contemporary America who has made great contributions to gender equality and/or racial/ethnic equality, and write an essay that examines her life and contributions. Your essay must include at least the following information & label each section as expressed below: Her name and life time. (Section Label: Name of Important Woman) Her racial or ethnic background. (Section Label: Racial/Ethnic Background) Justification of why she is an important woman. (Section Label: Justification). Her life history from birth to death or the present. (Section Label: Life History). Her contributions to gender equality and/or racial/ethnic equality in the United States or in the world (e.g., important publications or speeches, important role in a social movement, important accomplishments). (Section Label: Contributions) A discussion of her legacies and what you have learned from her. (Section Label: Legacies & Lessons Learned). This means at minimum your paper should meet these requirements. Paper Mechanics Guidelines: Your paper should have a title and section headings as described above. The paper should be 4-6 typewritten, double-spaced pages, excluding appendices and references. All written assignments must be typed in Times or Times New Romans, 12-point font, double-spaced, one-inch margins. Utilize a minimum of 5-10 scholarly/academic sources. More sources are generally better. **Only use academic and scholarly sources for your paper. (Websites that end in .edu or .gov are also acceptable. Do not use Wikipedia or other similar websites.) This course utilizes the American Sociological Association (ASA) citation style and you should cite ALL your sources. Include references in the ASA format at the end of your paper. You may attach additional materials such as her photos and cover pages of her works. It is required that all assignments be submitted through Blackboard. Please do not email me your work.” No late work will be accepted. Grading: The essay will be graded in terms of (1) how well it covers the required information, (2) whether it can properly apply sociological concepts, (3) how well it is organized and written, and (4) other miscellaneous criteria (e.g., length, typing, spacing, cover sheet, time of submission). Paper Tips: Remember that your paper should incorporate relevant scholarly/academic sources to support your arguments. Your paper should convey why you selected your important woman and how she made great contributions to gender equality and/or racial/ethnic equality. The essay should also explain and examine her life and contributions. Academic Research and Writing Resources: ASA Style Sociology Guide for Journal Articles Contact the sociology research librarian, Ms. Harris. Jimmie Lyn Harris Contact Info Phone: 940-898-3740 Information Desk: 940-898-3702 Email: The writing center is available for assistance with your papers. Write Center: The Write Site CFO 129 P.O. Box 425829 Denton, TX 76204 940.898.2341 the attach file is a sample of how the paper should look. Please follow ALL instructions please.


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