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Young adult fiction is an emerging genre, and it is apparent that young adults aren’t the only target audience of these books. Although many are acknowledging and appreciating the literature presented in such books, Joel Stein takes a contradictory stand. Steins article “Adults Should Read Adult Books” is a short rhetoric in the New York Times which seeks to persuade adults that they should only concentrate on reading books suited for someone their age. According to him, young adults' books are low in literature for an already maturely grown person and, therefore, worthless to read. He highlights books such as: The Hunger Games, Twilight and Harry Potter, as books in the young adult fiction category. Stein’s article is unsuccessful as a rhetoric piece aiming to persuade adults to only read adult books. Although his use of pathos was a successful driver in his argument,his lack of ethos and logos comprehensively generated a fallacious rhetoric.


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